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Angler Testimonials

 ” March 2015 Trip”

“Hi John,

 Just received the picture of the Yellowfin I caught on the last trip.
 Really looks great coming over the
rail like that. I appreciate you taken the time to send it to me, it’s a picture that I will enjoy showing
off to family and friends.
 I can’t say it enough, I really enjoy the trips and the way you take care of us.
Thanks again…….




” March 2013 Trip”

John and Larry,

Thanks so much for the framed picture of the big fish as well as the other pictures and information. We certainly had a good group of fishermen.

You run a very smooth and efficient operation and again thank you for all of your efforts and awesome give-aways….

 -Pete Fallini.”




” March 2013 Trip”

John and Larry,

I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for a great 15 day trip on the Red Rooster.

I knew this was a first class operation from the moment we met: The pre-voyage Italian dinner was outstanding, made even better by the guys I met at dinner — serious fishermen, but people with a sense of humor. And as I was to find out, helpful fishermen as well.

I got to know the guys pretty well on the three day trip to the Hurricane Bank. Pete helped me crimp my 130# fluoro, Eric made up some wind-on leaders for me, Steve covered me for the bait rigs I’d left at home, and Phil showed me a new knot. Everyone was helpful and seemed to be rooting for us rookies. I made friends on the trip that I will be fishing with again.

I knew I was in for a good trip at the first jig stop: I cast out as soon as captain Andy gave the OK and hooked up with a 40 pound wahoo on my first cast! I caught two more wahoo and a 150 pound tuna that first day. It was like that pretty much every day, and while I missed out on a cow, I caught a couple almost-cows and had far more fish than I could ever take home to Alaska.

The food was great, the fishing was great, the trip was great. You’ll see me again on a Loftus and Martin Long Range Trip.

Tight Lines,

-Bill Brown
Juneau, Alaska




“January 2013 Trip”

“John & Larry

I just want to commend you and Larry for the outstanding  job of being Charter Masters..

John you took great pride and always tried to add to the anglers trip.

Most Charter Masters never really reach out to the anglers. You start as soon as the initial contact is made and never stop. I have often heard that one runs his life as he does business. In this case you guys run these Charters as a business and may I say a very well tuned one at that. I often wondered how two guys could pull off so many Charters in a year. I now have a better understanding.

I appreciate all you did to make this trip a success and an enjoyable experience for all the anglers..

Bill House

Rogersville, Alabama”


   “January 2013 trip
   “Hi John
    I was on your January 2013 trip, what an adventure, you and Larry really do make it better.
    Glenn Fromang
    Santee, California


Loftus & Martin October 2012 trip on Red Rooster 111

John & Larry                                  November 3, 2012

I’d  like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful time during my best fishing trip ever.

Thank you for your kindness and great personality.

I am very happy I had the opportunity to fish with you and the guys.

Thanks Again

-Alex Yusim



“Loftus & Martin fishermen Phil Lisi donates fish to Camp Pendelton Marines”

Phil Lisi                                                              November 5, 2012

Hi Phil,

We just wanted you to know that your kind charitable gift to the Marines was brought up at the Christian Mission Church Sunday during church services.

Cynthia Martinez told everyone how her connection with Anita my daughter and John her Dad who manages fishing trips had hooked you up with her organization that benefits the Marines. Cynthia went on to say that the Master Sergeant was very glad to receive the 200 pounds of vacuum packed fish filets; she also mentioned that another Master Sergeant had contacted her asking for fish for his Marines. Hopefully you can spread the word and get other fishermen to donate fish to the Marines

We thought you would like to hear about this.

All The Best

John & Larry

Ps My daughter says Thank You very much.


After working with Maxima for 6 years Loftus & Martin received the following letter:

  • August 3, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Loftus and Martin has been associated with Maxima Fishing Lines for many years. It has been an extremely successful partnership for Maxima. In addition to being fishing enthusiasts, they take a business approach to fishing.

Their trips are always a great success. I have received many highly complimentary comments from the people who went on their trips.

This has translated into an observable increase in Maxima business. Our saltwater business has gone up and I can trace this to the efforts of John and Larry.

They believe in Maxima and they are able to articulate what makes Maxima Maxima. More importantly, on these trips, they are able to demonstrate why Maxima “ catches big tuna “.

Both men have spent considerable time in the Maxima booth at the Fred Hall Shows. I have seen the respect and fondness with which they are viewed by their customers.

I have learned much from them as to how to present the product and how to shine more light on Maxima.

Finally, these are extraordinarily fine people. It is a pleasure to be associated with them.

I completely recommend them for any position in the fishing industry.


 -Richard Hart

General Manager

  • John & Larry

I received the Loftus & Martin fishing rod bag that was donated by Allan Babashoff. Please let Allan know I appreciate his generosity and the great design.

The addition of your logo and my name makes it really special for me.

I am sure I will get some positive comments from the other anglers on my  7-day summer trip.

Thanks Again,

You’re the best,

– Rocco Rampino

  • John & Larry

I want to thank you for coordinating the best fishing trip I have ever had. Period. From the weather, Andy, the crew, the food ( very good, not quite the Independence but, no complaints) and the spectacular fishing.

I caught 8 of the 38 Wahoo on the trip, with a bit of luck and determination. Yah gotta fish FAST. I had never caught Wahoo before and that was my goal.

The Tuna fishing was awesome and I could of caught twice what I could have taken home but, I made the decision to only fly line my fish after a couple of times on the kite and I did not want to balloon fish. A fly fishermen like me prefers the purist approach.

I plan on fishing with you again !!!!  Besides I have to give that flyfishing seminar  (ha ha)

Lars Fahlberg

Del Mar, California


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